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Laborem Edge provides digital marketing services for businesses seeking innovative growth strategies. We offer lead generation services to attract and engage prospective customers. Our work is backed by data, and our methods are proven across many industries.

75% of people who use search engines like Google will choose an option on the first page.

90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search.

Our Lead Generation Tools


Our process utilizes a combination of Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Paid Ads) that drive immediate business, and long-term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to build your overall online visibility over time. Although our strategy might be based around a certain way of doing things, our process is never cookie cutter. We take into account your industry, competitors, and your individual goals and needs.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

• We place ads at the top of the first page of Google and other searches engines

• The results are felt immediately

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Search Engine Optimization

• The strongest form of visibility but takes time to climb to the first page of search engines

• 3 – 6 months minimum, for strong results

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Web Design & Optimization

• Important for converting visitors on your website into new leads

• Lowers your cost per lead over time

How Do We Get You New Leads?

Research & Identify

First, we meet to identify your goals and target audience. This allows us to begin the research phase. Getting the right data is important, so we focus on market research to identify and categorize all market opportunities within your industry.

Plan & Create

We then discuss the data with you and begin to create a strategy. Here, we define your budget and initial month-to-month goals. We take this data along with your goals and begin creating the website, ads, and content needed to begin generating your leads.

Launch & Review

We launch and index the site, then set up tracking codes to collect data for each step of your sales funnel. This is needed to improve the results over time. One week after launch, the data starts being reviewed.

Adjust & Grow

Based on the results, we begin to swap out low-performing ads with new variants and make adjustments on the website to increase your conversions. We monitor your sales funnel closely, provide you with a live dashboard to watch your business grow, and meet with you regularly to strategize and celebrate 

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