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Creative Brief Summary

A creative brief is a document created through initial meetings, interviews, readings and discussions between a client and designer before any work begins. It is required for a majority of our design products such as logo design, web design, marketing material, and content creation.

Why is a creative brief important?

Without a creative brief you have a no true vision. You can sit and talk for hours about design ideas and most likely you and the designer are going to have taken away two differing views, separate from what the other had in mind. The creative brief protects both parties by putting all expectations down in a simple, clean, and clear outline for the designer to follow and the client to understand what his company's brand priorities are.

Creative Brief Example


Who are you and what is your current situation?

Example: Laborem Edge is a Richmond, VA-based web design and marketing agency catering to local small to medium sized companies. Laborem Edge provides a one-stop shop for most of a company’s digital marketing needs.


What are you trying to accomplish?

Example: To deliver high-quality websites and digital marketing services to our clients, to provide true value and growth through word of mouth marketing.


Who are your ideal customers?

Example: Richmond, VA-based respectable business owners who care about what they do, want to make a positive impact on the community, and understand the value of a quality brand and how much time goes into developing it. The business owners that realizes they can’t do it all themselves, and expect quality results. 


What are you trying to say?

Example: Your digital presence matters and you can trust us.


Who are your biggest competitors?

Example: Other Richmond, VA-based web design and marketing companies.


What makes you unique?

Example: Laborem Edge focuses on quality above all, and will sacrifice profit in return for client results.


Do you have any specific directives that should apply to the work?


  • Laborem Edge’s brand is modern and simple in design, we don’t care to stand out with flashy colors.
  • Explore a palette that incorporates black and white.


What personality do you want to project to their audience?


•  Minimalism   •  Classy   •  Friendly   •  Serious

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