The Art of Logo Design

The purpose of your Logo Design is to identify a person, service or product ( aka a brand ) using a ‘signature’ design so that it is memorable in a way that is unique to your company.

The unique design of a logo helps consumers recognize a business without necessarily having the name of the company on the symbol. Essentially the meaning of the logo is more vital than what it actually looks like. Once a logo becomes familiar to consumers, it fulfills its intended purpose, which is to be able to identify a company in place of the company’s name. At Laborem Edge our goal is to build you the perfect logo that will symbolize your company in it’s simplest form.

When constructing a logo design we use basic principles that ensure the logo will be practical and carry the intended message to targeted consumers.

Logo Design Process


We meet with our client (that’s you!) in order to conduct a brief interview for the logo design, starting with a creative brief to outline the overall personality of the logo design.


This phase contains two parts. In the first, your logo designer will start by researching your industry and your competitors, to educating themselves on everything that will go towards constructing a logo design. The second part of the researching phase involves looking into trends and current designs that have worked successfully within our client’s industry which correlates with the media interview.


Now the logo designer creates on average three prototype logo designs for you to look over, based on the creative brief and research collected.


Our designer will communicate with the client to receive any constructive criticism or feedback about the proposed logo designs and so we can make a decision on which one to polish off into the final logo design.


The client is presented with a final logo design to compare with the creative brief and research, to make sure the logo meets their vision and its intended purpose. If the client has additional feedback, we will repeat the Feedback and Polishing steps until the perfect match is found.

Do You Need a Logo?

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Quality Logo Design Attributes


A simple design makes a logo easily recognizable, unique to its business, and makes a statement without being exhaustive.


The main function of the logo we design for your business will be to allow customers to easily recognize its unique yet simple design - Essentially what makes it distinctive and memorable!


When considering logo designs, a key factor vital to the effectiveness of a strong logo is making sure that it is built to last. This means for years to come your logo will still hold its uniqueness.


Our team of logo designers ensures that your ideal logo will be able to work across numerous software and programs.


Custom-tailoring your logo to fit your company’s unique style, while using the appropriate color palette and font can deliver the accurate and striking first impression you need.


We incorporate these principles into the entire process of developing an effective logo that is tailor made to fit your brand's identity.

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