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Anyone with a store-front, social focus, or product catalogue should be using this dashboard.

Social media is critical for customer retention, brand awareness, and consistent visibility. We offer a social media marketing dashboard that is client accessible and collaborative. Clients are welcome to work on its management alongside us or take a hands-off approach. The dashboard requires a $250 on-boarding fee, so that we can take the time to learn about our client and their goals. From there, we can set up their dashboard and train them on its use. Our goal is to help them achieve as much success as possible.

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Key Features of Dashboard

Reputation Management

  • Filter negative & positive content and track negative reviews – so the customer can be reached within an appropriate amount of time to turn their frown right side up.

Track & Share Industry News

  • Keep up with trending news across your industry and share with your fans

Competitor Monitoring

  • You can actively monitor specific competitors or keywords (daily, weekly or monthly reports)

Post-Approval Abilities

  • Assigns users or set yourself as a declared content approver for all posts & articles

Valuable Data / Analytics

  • The dashboards ties in with to track all click activity for your shared content
  • Access to your business Google analytics

Social Media Management

It is critical to choose the right audience.

Our social media marketing team will take the time to research your business’ culture and identity, then make sure you are represented as accurately as possible. Over 2.7 billion people actively use social media; we'll do the legwork to find the right people who would be interested in your business.

Social Media Manager Roles

Your representative’s job is to know your business & its goals so well that they can impact your bottom line:

  • Setup dashboard for you and provide training on how to use the social dashboard properly
  • Track competitors & find leading industry related posts
  • Increase engagement on all social media platforms
  • Create monthly progress reports (and suggestions on what we want to do next month)

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