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Hi, my name is George Copeland, founder of Laborem Edge. Allow me to welcome you to the first of many blog casts! By the way, this is not simply just an intro article; below I provide you with valuable knowledge relating to our new social media service launching today! So my goal is for you to enjoy while I do my best to explain to you why your business should use Laborem Edge as your first official social media manager that delivers results.

To start off, I want to quickly talk about my history with the company...

I have dedicated the past two years of my life to building Laborem Edge, with a conscious effort of  "earning my keep" and building a foundation of clients who have worked passionately to build their own success. It's a big deal to trust someone with your public perception; to take the brand you have worked so hard to create and put it into someone else's hands. The following is a list of friends/clients/mentors, whom I am eternally thankful for: Alicia and Brandon Amsler (and friends!), Matt Powell, Shiloh Jones,  Kevin EdmistonDavid Boothe. The first five people who made the decision to trust me with my services and am proud to say Laborem Edge receives business from their referrals, still today.

Since September 16th, 2014, LE has built 31 websites and helped streamline daily operations by transitioning clients over to tools such as Google Apps and introducing them to the power of social media which is where the Complete Transparency comes in.

I have tried offering social media services in the past, however when you start a business you learn, most of the time by failing a few times first. Working with two of my clients in the past, but with no success, I decided to hold off on social media services; until recently when one of my mentors pushed the topic and I had multiple clients start asked why I'm still not offering social media services.

From my past two attempts, I learned three things:

1) social media is a full-time commitment

2) you have to pay to play

3) It's all about engagement and conversion!

With that being said, Laborem Edge must grow in order to continue providing web design and branding services, so I have taken the past two months off from cash-flow services to work with LE's first full-time social media manager, Namrata! We spent the first month researching exactly what social strategies and forms of engagement are required to move the needle and looking up countless reviews for the best software. Two more weeks were spent in demos and trials until we finally came across the magical dashboard we will use. The final two weeks we spent packaging those social media services into a realistic price-point for our local business clients.

According to the statistics cited in our service presentation, inbound marketing aka "social engagement" provides the best conversion rates at the lowest cost, if executed properly. The social engagement software we will use and our clients have full access to, provides extreme value in the following ways:

  • Reputation Management: by scouring the web of any social/ review sources [yelp, glassdoor, blogs, etc.] to notify you of any content associated with your business and whether it has a positive or negative connotation.


  • Brand Awareness & Conversions: by tracking all meaningful social activity, making sure no one gets the cold shoulder, and taking advantage of all opportunities to educate your followers about services or products your business is focused on, in order to encourage sales; it's all about engagement! How many potential customers or clients have engaged with you through social media? Now imagine how a simple "like" or acknowledgment of that post might make them feel; who knows, that might just turn a normal customer or fan into an avid supporter of your business!


  • Visibility, Knowledge, & Insight: by giving you access to reputation reports of your competition and access to the all of the most popular, up-to-date trending content within your industry that can be easily shared directly with your fans/ clients via your Social Media Platforms and customizable mailer.. which is still very important for engaging with the "older generation" who still do the most spending.


All in all, the pricing starts at a minimum  $200/ month with a six month "verbal" commitment. That is so you understand that social media services can take time do deliver results, but you are welcome to stop whenever you want! Good thing social media is the most transparent marketing service out there, with all of the beautiful reports we can provide you! 😉


George is a hard working problem solver who loves working with business owners to help them grow their business and create beautiful identities they can use to be confident with sales. When he is not working on client work, he is either at the gym, sleeping, working on growing Laborem Edge internally or Netflixing it up on occasion.

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