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In the spirit of minimalism, I am going to keep it simple with this blog cast. You probably understand the concept of minimalism, but how does it work with respect to marketing and branding?

Minimalism refers to the "less is more" designs (black and white, 2D silhouette) you probably see a lot of the bigger brands starting to adopt today. In business, we want to connect with our customers, and more detailed marketing relates closely to our detail-oriented lives in ways that are not always positive, while minimalism instead appeals strictly to positive emotion. By taking a real-life object and turning it into a safer 2d object, the individual can interpret in a way that best suits them; they paint the picture in their head.

"Cookie cutter images don’t always fit the consumer, so we aren’t forcing those into their lives anymore."

The consumer is already overwhelmed today. With minimalism, you actually provide a desirable break from the chaos by turning identifiable objects into art. Everyone loves art, and when they see something they love they might just give it a shot! They forget that you are trying to sell them something since you avoid the off-putting, in-your-face sales pitch.

I hope that makes sense to you, because if you can understand the philosophy of trimming the fat, you will succeed!

Below you can see nine different examples of big brands using Minimalism to update their logos, including ours 😉

Twitter - Logo Design Change to Minimalism
Google - Logo Design Change to Minimalism
Visa - Logo Design Change to Minimalism
Fedex - Logo Design Change to Minimalism
Canon - Logo Design Change to Minimalism

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