Websites Designed For Lead Generation

The last step of the digital sales funnels relies on your website to convince visitors to call you, message you, or complete a check-out. The web page that a visitor is sent to after clicking from a search engine or an advertisement is called a landing page. This is the stage of the “lead generation funnel” where your customers are asked to take action. A landing page without a compelling call to action (CTA) usually will not yield the desired results, no matter how effective your ads or search engine listings are.

Professional Website Design

Built For Sales

Form and function work hand-and-hand. Website design and landing pages should be beautiful, powerful, and consistent with your brand. Your website should:

  • Provide a positive user experience, regardless of device (desktop or mobile)
  • Educate visitors using a compelling and knowledgeable voice
  • Exemplify that you are an industry expert within your field
  • Be a hands-off option that allows users to make a purchase without interference from you
  • Be customized to look and feel like the product or service being offered
  • Allow users to easily contact you through phone, mail, message, or auto chat functions
  • Designed in a way that leads the customer through a flow that makes good sense

Key Features & Functions

When designing a website, there are non-negotiable features and functions to consider. These help your site to rank well on search engines like Google, as well as offer a great user experience. Your website should captivate customers, leading them through a journey that ultimately asks them to take action. We ensure your website includes key features such as:

  • Customizable WordPress website design and development
  • Responsive design that adjusts for all devices (smartphones, tablets, and PCs)
  • Simple and interactive ways for users to contact you
  • Uniquely integrated features that increase conversions, like videos and GIFs
  • Quickly load times that reduce the likelihood of visitors leaving
  • Tracking software that allows you to monitor and measure if visitors are completing conversions like phone calls, contact form submissions, and online sale completions.

Case Studies

Our Approach To Web Design Optimization

Proper web design should lead your customer through a progression that makes sense. This is called warming leads and is much more effective than cold selling. We use the following process to turn your website visitors into paying customers.

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Understand Your Business Goals

The first step to designing a beautiful, effective, and self-sustainable website is to determine its purpose in supporting your business. What are your business objectives? Which goals would you like your website to help you accomplish? Defining a strategy for your website is the first key to long term success.

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Get To Know Your Customers

The best-written website won’t make a difference if no one is searching for what you’re saying. Data drives everything we do, including what written and visual content to include on your website.

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Create Content That Drives Action

We then examine the results of our research and combine it with client insights. This allows us to create a website that has the look and language to inspire website visitors to learn more about you, and ultimately take action.

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Launch, Optimize, and Monetize

As with most things in marketing, websites are not set-it-and-forget-it. They require constant watch and strategic modifications to be profitable. Optimizing your website for constantly changing search results, building custom landing pages for campaigns, and managing those ongoing campaigns to drive people to your website.

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Disclaimer: working with us may result in the following side effects.

Growth In Revenue

Higher Quality Leads

Overall Client Satisfaction

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