We Use Search Engine Marketing To Find & Deliver High Quality Leads To Both B2B and B2C Businesses.

We Deliver

Predictable, Valuable Leads

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You probably don’t want to pay for people trying to find a DIY solution to their problem. We focus on delivering “purchase ready” leads, so you can spend less time and money pre-qualifying new business.

How Do We Deliver?

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Data-Driven Strategy

We start with an in-depth market opportunity analysis of your businesses’ products and or services within the area that you serve.

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Fair Pricing

Ever signed an annual contract with an agency only to realize 6 months later that it was a scam? That’s not us. No annual contracts here.

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Quality Traffic

To us quality (like cashflow) is king. This mindset saves you money every step of the way; from the cost of the click to the time of the call.

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Effective Website

Yes, we can deliver a beautiful website but that’s not good enough. We focus and only care about the conversions; making sure your phone rings.

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Display Remarketing

If your marketing agency isn’t currently running remarketing ads, that’s a big red flag for getting the heck out of their, partner.

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A/B Testing

We don’t like to assume, or set-and-forget. We constantly A/B Test ads and website content to improve click-through-rates and conversion rates.

You Can Track Everything

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Visual Dashboard

Want to see how many leads you got yesterday? How much did each lead cost and what was that lead looking for? You get to see it all!

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Call Tracking

You will have full transparency into who, what, when, and where your calls come from. You will know if they are a new or existing customer too.

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Conversion Tracking

We don’t inflate your analytics with “fluffy” metrics. We set-up conversion tracking for the goals that you actually care about.

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Disclaimer: working with us may result in the following side effects.

Growth In Revenue

Higher Quality Leads

Overall Client Satisfaction

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